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The world's most portable
In-Flight Entertainment solution

AirFi delivers innovations that crew and passengers love.

Key features

Music & Video

Movies and music files work seamless with our players

Newspapers & magazines

Newspapers & magazines can be easily download through the platform

Sales Onboard

Onboard shopping, duty-free, catering products and home delivery.


Addictive !

Travel guide info

Your pax will have city guides and tips for all the destinations including hotels, restaurants, etc

All you need is… just a browser

Just connect your device to “Airfi” wireless network and open your internet browser. Simple!

The solution

The platform
  • Auto-scaling: WiFi network mesh and load balancing
  • Technology: Based on HTML5 and Javascript
  • Modular: Extensible by airline customers
  • Over-the-air-Updates: Easy content updatesv
  • Flexible: Brandable, modular, 3rd party development
  • Extensible: APIs available for flight, passenger and onboard sales data.
  • Integrated: Integrated to MI Airline's Connected Crew tablet solution
  • Portability: Also runs on servers of fixed WiFi providers
the box
  • Size: The box(es) fit(s) in most catering trays, taking up only 1 position. Up to 3 boxes per tray
  • Battery life: The battery lasts up to 14 hours on a single charge
  • Battery: Fixed in the box, non-swappable
  • Power: battery-operated, charged on the ground
  • Housing: Durable plastic
  • Operational ease of use: Single button to turn on, simple status indicators

Advertising with Airfi


3x Higher spontaneous log-on and sales conversion rates than market alternatives.


Passengers will enjoy up to date content.


Your valuable content directly in the hands of your passengers.


AirFi allows you to manage and update all content on a daily basis.

Full digital campaigns UP-IN-THE-AIR

without any connectivity required

  • All advertising formats: BANNERS, POP-UPS, PRE-ROLL VIDEOS...
  • Landing pages and LEAD GENERATION FORMS
  • Specific TARGETING of age, gender, route origin, destination, language and many more
  • CAMPAIGNS' RULES: message sequencing, repetition
  • Real time (Day +1) statistics
  • Detailed reporting: impressions, clicks, viewed video rates, leads, time...
  • Update the content within your media content update process
  • No Ad-Blockers related issues

The future of onboard IFE is here

AirFi’s mission is to bring affordable innovations to the airliner cabin and to other modalities of passenger transport (buses, trains, airports) to improve passenger service and increase ancillary sales.

Safety First

From hardware to payment systems to media management, security & reliabilityare at the heart of it all.

Next Day Fleet Wide

No aircraft installation work required. Simply place it onboard.

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What is the technology of the platform?

The applications on the AirFi platform are HTML5/Javascript. API’s for database storage, secure payment and forms are available.

Can I add my own modules?

Yes. AirFi also provides an API to obtain basic flight data, passenger data and product data if the connected crew platform is also used on that flight.

Can the AirFi platform run independently from the AirFi Box?

Yes, we are currently talking to multiple IFE and Fixed Wifi providers to deploy the platform on their servers, and provide you with a flexible and cool portal.

Do you provide Internet connection?

No, Satellite systems for aircraft are very costly, require downtime of aircraft and certifications. Next to that the bandwidth used is extremely costly, and passengers have shown not willing to pay it, especially given the quality of the service (low bandwidth, frequently failing connectivity).
AirFi gives local content to Passengers, much more fun and useful than the current systems in the market, and uniquely provides daily updated content (news items, newspaper, video feeds, social feeds, etc) 

Do you stream movies?

Yes, movies and television shows. In case it is DRM content (encrypted movies) an mobile app is required. Non-DRM content is shown in the browser of mobile devices.

How many movies can you store?

Depending on your needs, we can store up to 200 movies.

Is the battery dangerous?

Like any lithium battery, this is a risk of failure. But, since the boxes are not connected to power inflight, are sealed in a safe compartment, and shutting down automatically when a threshold temperature is reached, our solution is considered as very safe by industry experts. Of course, the international regulations on use and transport of the batteries are met.

Are logistics and charging difficult?

The logistics process follows your regular duty free process. The boxes are usually transported by your catering / duty free partner. In their facilities the charging takes place.

How do AirFi batteries behave when AC is off for several days?

The AirFi Box will remain charged but will not receive the latest updates or be able to send data usage.

Can AirFi handle long haul flights?

Yes, the batteries have a capacity for 14-15 hours continuous operation.

Why are two AirFi boxes needed in the AC?

For narrow body aircraft 2 boxes are usually needed. 1 box is optimized for 50 pax. The signal is strong enough for the aircraft, but the passenger devices are usually not transmitting sufficiently to cover the range of the aircraft, especially full of passengers.

Can the AirFi batteries be charged on board?

Yes, this is possible, provided the aircraft is able to provide power at the right locations. Certification will take time and bear additional cost per aircraft type. If the boxes do not leave the aircraft updating can be done via GSM although the reliability and speed varies per location.

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